We Are… In Possible Composition

Running from June 27 – September 16, The 18th Biennale Of Sydney is tickling Sydney’s Arts scene in all the right places.

Curated by Catherine de Zegher and Gerald McMaster, this year’s theme All Our Relations focuses on the three C’s: Collaboration, Conversation, and Compassion.

One of the four major venues, Australia’s Museum Of Contemporary Art (MCA) has successfully delivered an exhibition that can only be described as the fusion of life dishevelled… I don’t think we could have chosen a more appropriate topic for our blogging debut. Artists have encompassed all facets of modern society – the unique, isolated, shattered and dismissed – for their installations; understanding how these factors connect and relate, thus developing their works through an interactive platform.

My fave: Lee Mingwei’s The Mending Project encourages interaction of the tattered sense.

Pop in with a garment in need of some TLC and watch as your favourite tee becomes part of the installation. Be warned, your piece will be on display until the curtains close in September – so leave the treasured winter jumper at home.

So listen up all you cultural cats – The good people at BOS have established this magical world for you to enjoy, enquire and with some luck, walk away with a little bit of an education.

Oh.. did I mention it is completely Free. Yes. FREE.

Scoot on over to the BOS website to plan your creative playtime. And heck, you might as well wrap up your visit with a beerio on the rooftop bar.

That my friends, is a definite win.



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