We Are… Ponying Like A Boss

Ok, just to bring the class factor down to my level after Ness’s first post I had to share this! I discovered this video on YouTube about 3 weeks ago and for those of you who don’t spend the copious amounts of hours/days/weeks of time that I do on the internet and haven’t seen this yet – You’re Welcome.

It’s possibly the best thing I have seen in a long time, and it has become my instant pick-me-up mood-lifter. It is impossible to be in a bad mood after seeing this.

Had a bad day? GANGNAM STYLE!

Burnt dinner? GANGNAM STYLE!

Stuck in a creative rut and need inspiration? GANGNAM STYLE!

It is all so amazing it’s hard to pick a fav moment – but the elevator dude at 1.54? I want to wrap him up in ribbon and put him on the mantle and bring him out for special occasions…

FRIENDS – just so you know, i’ll be busting out the pony every time we go dancing now. You have been warned.



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