We Are… Controversial?

Okay, so everyone on the internetz is aware of that hilarious “no stars ever” review that one Chloe Papas wrote about Chris Brown? The ‘review’ that went viral, that had everyone who is aware of Chris Brown and is NOT of Team Breezy giving Chloe the highest of internet high 5’s?


Well, everyone except Caitlin Welsh – a music journalist who writes for The Brag and Faster Louder, she recently published a piece via Faster Louder, basically reviewing the “no stars ever” review. She concludes that while Chris Brown the person certainly deserves no stars ever, and while many opine that his music also deserves no stars ever, that it is Chloe Papas herself who deserves no stars ever for writing a self serving piece that would certainly attract a high five or two (million), yet who instead managed to take away an opportunity for an actual review of a local band/artist/singer/songwriter. In addition to that fact that as a music journalist writing a music review, you actually need to review the music, and not the person. If music journalists used the excuse that musicians’ personal lives were a part of the music then there is a whole plethora of well-respected, talented musicians out there who we should also be given “no stars ever”. Read her review of a review and decide for yourself.

Update – Chloe Papas defends herself, her writing and talks about the repercussions from the viral “no stars ever” piece.


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