We Are… Living Happily Ever After

Earlier this year, Barack Obama showed his support. Tomorrow, New Zealand MP’s will be casting their votes. But it seems a certain Disney character has had his mouse ears set to the right frequency for a while now…

In line with our week of Disney fun times, I thought it would be interesting to share that as of May 15th 2012, all couples – regardless of sexual orientation – can experience their fairytale wedding at Tokyo Disney. That is of course, if you’ve got the spare 7.5 million yen (AU$92,239.50) lying around.

The story developed months ago when 27-year-old Koyuki Higashi enquired to host her same-sex marriage at the resort. After some confusion, the couple was informed that they could hold their ceremony but only if they dressed “like a man and a woman“.

Cue shock and horror. Naturally, the only logical course of action for Koyuki was to vent about it on her blog – God bless the Internet.

A few days later, Koyuki was contacted by hotel staff advising that there was some confusion and that same-sex couple are in fact free to choose their attire. However, due to gay marriage being illegal in Japan, their celebrations would not be recognised. That calls for a big ol’ Lame, with a capital L.

Fear not my lovelies, this would not be a Disney tale without a happy ending… according to her blog, Koyuki and her lady friend did make it to the magical world of Tokyo Disney to celebrate with their bud Mickey Mouse. YAY! And they lived happily ever after…

Now that the topic has crossed over into Walt’s backyard, who knows, we might be seeing other characters coming out of the closet. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the hula!



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