WE Are… Seeing The Dark Side Of An Enchanted Life

In reality, not everyone has their fairytale ending.

Not even Disney Princesses… At least according to Paris-based photographer Thomas Czarnecki.

His series From Enchantment to Down shows a more darker take on our favourite Disney Princesses, and their happy endings.

Alice – Just A Trap

These images have been circulating on the internet for some time. While some say his work is a twisted take on the “romantic ending” version of classic Disney stories, I say it’s a more realistic take on how life might actually unfurl if these “princesses” were living in this reality and with no handsome prince to save them from themselves.

Alice – Did she really fall down the rabbit hole, or was this innocent – perhaps stupidly so – girl lured into a trap?
Pocahontas – A Native American woman, who instead of falling in love with the handsome “explorer”, is instead taken as a trophy.
Sleeping Beauty – She didn’t fall victim to an evil witch; she’s just a junkie passed out in a cruddy room, the “enchanted forest” a mass of Pine Fresh air-fresherners hanging from the ceiling.
Ariel – She’s no beautiful mermaid saved from her life of no legs – looks more like she’s been taken advantage of then wrapped in plastic, drowned and has then washed up on the beach.
Cinderella – Looks like your mum was right when she said no running on the stairs!

Snow White – My Sweet Prince

Cinderella – Too Fast

Pocahontas – One More Trophy

Sleeping Beauty – Naughty Girl

The Little Mermaid

Take what you will from the images – do you see the dark reality that I do? Or something else? Either way, the works are beautiful. Follow the links through to Thomas’s website to see his other series.



One thought on “WE Are… Seeing The Dark Side Of An Enchanted Life

  1. maria del mar says:

    Loveee It !!! awesome work !!!

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