We Are… Taking It Back To Basics

With today’s technology, it is easily forgotten that animation simply began with a lead pencil and a bit of paper.

This little guy’s story began back in 1928, and was originally given the name “Mortimer”. Lucky for us, the name was considered too stuffy and was quickly changed to “Mickey”… Could you just imagine ha!

It took Walt Disney 3 short cartoons for him to gain any attention from the studios, but when he added his vocal talents to “Steamboat Willie”… This is when the dream came to life.

I pity the fool who has never feasted their eyes on this 1928 classic:

In today’s cultural environment, artists have an endless list of mediums at their disposal. But sometimes beauty can be found in its simplicity.

Curator Dion Zancanaro has proposed this challenged to a mix-bag of local and international artists at this weekend’s Black & White All In Between. Hosted at Ambush Gallery in Sydney’s Waterloo, these artists – illustrators/fine artists/graffiti/street – have been stripped of their colourful safety nets and must showcase pieces “driven by composition, form and tone”.

And for you cool cats interested in expanding your art collections – all pieces are up for sale. Winning.

So if tonight’s plans involve nothing but your trackies and the remote, throw on your loafers and head down to the festivities. Booze and background beats included.

Tonight’s launch will be from 6pm – 9pm, with the exhibition closing this sunday @ 4pm.

For all the specs, click on through to Ambush Gallery’s website.



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