We Are… Coexisting

In typical life dishevelled style, I’m having a cracker of a day.

Slept through 5 alarms and missed the chance to drive back to Sydney (I’m visiting my mum in Bendigo, Victoria) without hitting peak hour thus adding a good 3 hours to the drive.

Decided to go get a coffee and a delicious snack to assuage my grumpiness at sleeping in and getting back to Sydney. On the drive back to the house i see a patrol car pull up behind me. I was on the phone to Ness – but she was on speaker and the phone was in my lap as my not-so-fancy car doesn’t have bluetooth.

The Pol Pol pulled me over anyway. He’d been tracking me for a block and had seen me pick up the phone from the passenger seat and put it on my lap.

He must have been having a slow day. He booked me. Fine and three demerits.

While he was booking me, a car sped past doing well over the speed limit. He just looked at me and shrugged.

Fucking life. I hate that Murphy chap.

So because its 2012 and in this day and age we don’t call our friends and whinge, we vent on Facebook. Bless the dear baby cheesus that I did, for instantly my friend Hugh sent me a link for the full album of The XX’s just released, “coexist.”

If like me, you are having a poop of a day, or if you are having a swell day, or if you just want your ears caressed by delicious sounds created by this amazing band, then click the link, share the love, and enjoy.



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