We Are… Totally Being Serious

The number of times I have sat with friends and discussed the necessity for a Sarcasm font is just obscene. Seriously.

With all this witty banter being thrown from one social platform to another, it’s impossible to decipher whether someone’s crackin’ a joke or genuinely hating on your latest career choice – Yes, you should definitely become a Carnie. Um…?!

So you can just imagine my excitement when Jess (my badass-blogger-bud) greeted me with such fabulous news that I had to share it: Sartalics.


Finally the time has come for there to be actual context in our texts. No more unnecessary break ups – he really didn’t want that pet cat. No more wrongly purchased Celine Dion tickets – like that needs an explanation. No more badly encouraged haircuts – a balayaged front mullet looks good on no one.

The Internet says NO.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you understand what she really means when your girlfriend says “Oh yeah, let’s totally get KFC to cater my 30th birthday!”

Don’t eff up. Get involved.



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