We Are… Proper Chillaxed

There are many reasons to love living in Sydney. One of the most recent additions to my list is how impressed I am with the current local music scene. I feel that one measly pair of ear holes just doesn’t cut it if you really want to make the most of what’s on offer these days, and the amazing thing is that so many gigs are free! Yay! Bless their cotton socks because I am poor… damn the man.

So my first gig of the week – thank EFF the good people at Beach Road Hotel in Bondi have wrangled lo-fi indie cats Twerps to perform tonight because I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan that was left sans ticket when their show sold out at Goodgod last month. Having toured with the likes of Deerhunter, Yo La Tengo, and The Black Lips, Melbourne’s pop darlings got themselves noticed at SXSW earlier this year, had an 8-week US stint supporting crooners Real Estate, and are returning States-side in October for more. Greedy mothers.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then it’s time to sort your poop out and pay attention – or you’re gonna be missing the essential part of any summer road trip… the perfect soundtrack!

Do your Kombi proud and treat yourself to their latest musical trinket, He’s In Stock, which can be found on their upcoming 7″ titled Work It Out available September 18th.



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