We Are… Besotted By Cinderblocks

You know, I can’t say I’ve ever been truly infatuated by another human being. What I can say is that alt-J deliver musically enamored chaos with such dapper, that I have this sudden urge to join an online dating site and find my “soul mate”.

alt-J’s Breezeblocks genuinely brings the fear back into romance. Of falling so deep that pure emotion takes control. The idea that if I cannot have you, no one will.

If you’re in the mood to “feel” something, that even the butterflies in your stomach need to pop a cheeky Xanex, make sure you suss out these Meistersingers. September sees the start of a 9-month tour through the US and Europe, with a 2-show stopover in Oz this October – Such considerate boys, aren’t they!

Tickets go on sale 9am today, Thursday 13th September, through Moshtix.

Our tip to you: if there’s a stage-5 clinger in the room, it might be a smart idea to overt their eyes from the clip below. Wouldn’t want to give them any ideas…

Amazingly intense.

Please don’t go, I’ll eat you whole

I love you so, I love you, so I love you so

Please don’t go I’ll eat you whole

I love you so, I love you so, I love you so, I love you so



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