We Are… Getting Fishy

Late at night I lie in bed and think up all these amazing ideas that I would love to do/see/make – but I’m either too lazy, don’t have the skills to create what I think up, or I’m just happy to leave them as fantasy in the crazy jumble that is my brain. For instance, I love the idea as fish as pets but I don’t like the standard tanks or bowls that most people keep them in. I’ve seen images of people who have retro-fitted vintage televisions, but i like to think big. How about a car as a tank? What about a BUS – you could even get a shark in there! Occasionally though, some other crazy jumbled brain has had the same thought as I did, but unlike me, has the skills and motivation to make that awesome idea come to fruition!

Cue the crazy kids from Kingyobu, a five-member art collective from the Kyoto University of Art & Design. They weren’t quite on my bus/shark wavelength, but they do think big. Telephone booth big. They installed goldfish-tank phone booths on the streets of Osaka with the aim of “Conveying respect for cultural sensibilities in the modern world through traditional research and work on the production and presentation of goldfish.” The goldfishes are a symbol of happiness, luck and prosperity.

If this is just a first taste of what these crazy kids are capable of, then I say it’s a pretty darn good indication of some fun and interesting art in the future. Certainly one to keep an eye out on!


– via ShockBlast

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