We Are… Spinning Round And Round


Does anyone else have this faint memory of watching their parents play records when they were a kid? And I’m not talking about rockin’ out a disc-man, walkman, or even an 8-track.

I’m talking Vinyl people. The good stuff.

It’s time to take it back to the old school and by gosh Jimi Hendrix, am I excited!

This Saturday 6th October, hosts the Glebe Record Fair in Sydney.

From 9:00am – 4:00pm, PETER FORSYTH Auditorium (opposite Glebe Markets) will convert into a record junkie’s oasis, filled with dusty movers and shakers. There will be music from all genres, EPs, LPs, with a variety of CDs, music DVD’s, books, and other collectables filling up the stalls.

Now, be prepared to get your hands dirty because you never know what absolute gems you will stumble upon in those crates. If you’re a collector, you will be there bright and early because as always – first in, best dressed.

Earlybirds (9:00am – 10:00am) will sacrifice a healthy $6 for their vinyl addiction. Entry after 10:00am will see you fork out $3… Seriously, pocket change.

Follow these musical cats on their Facebook page for further details.

May your ears enjoy the fruits of your early wake up call!




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