We Are… Bursting In Colour!

What do you get when you have 10,000 fun runners, triple that in colour bombs, and 5km to run free?? The Happiest 5km on the planet, that’s what!

After kicking off the fun early 2012 in the US, The Swisse Color Run quickly caught on to the fact that Australians are first in line to proudly wear a race number and run (read: stumble, frolic, krump, and/or Gangnam style it) for a good cause. The fact we get to throw colour bombs at each other and finally take part in our own skittles commercial is just a bonus.

Melbourne will initiate the fun bags this November 25th and Feb 10th 2013 will see Sydney behind a rainbow filter. Dates for Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Perth are yet to be announced. Swisse’s Celebrate Life Foundation hope to donate over $1 million over the next year through The Swisse Color Run, with funds raised in Sydney solely focused on Heart Kids Australia – supporting the families of children with Heart Disease.

Once making it to the finish line, the Finish Festival will keep you entertained with live music and mass final throw of colour! Oh and don’t worry, there will be a “clean up” area set up so your trip home is slightly less powdered.

Registration ($55 single, $50 as part of a team of 4+, Kids u/5 Free) includes the following goodies:

  • White Tee
  • White Sweatband (Yes!)
  • Race Bib #
  • 1x Colour Packet
  • 1x Color Run Temporary Tattoo

You can follow these colourful compadres on their site, Facey, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram (@theswissecolorrunaus)… But for the mo’, feast your eyes on this.

Now, to find the perfect goggles…


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