WE ARE… Taking In The View

You like Sydney in the Summer? Love to get out and walk? Have a fondness for creativity? Crave the beauty of the sea? How about that need to satiate your cultural requirements for the month? I have the answer.


This annual exhibition combines the majestic landscape of the beaches and cliffs of Sydney’s famous Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk as the exhibition space, and the artistic talents of some of the worlds best sculptors to create this internationally acclaimed art event which brings the art world to the public in the most spectacular fashion.

Curated by Australia’s best, both international and Australian artists are invited to create a piece for the exhibition. Running from 18 October – 4 November over 3 glorious weeks, it is free to the public and is open rain, hail or shine. No matter the weather, the pieces and the landscape provide stunning aspects wherever you turn.

Created in 1997 by David Handley, the event has expanded by leaps and bounds over the years with more artists, more sponsors and more public interest making Sculpture By The Sea 2012, the 16th year, one of the best years yet.

Explore the worlds biggest toy dump-truck, walk through a veritable forest of bamboo wind chimes, introduce your children to the art world by letting them loose on the interactive sculptures and spot those sneaky pieces hidden in plain sight.

If there is one thing I would recommend to ANYONE to do in Sydney this week, it’s Sculpture By The Sea 2012. Take the kids, bring a friend, chuck a sickie from work, wake up at a hideously early time to avoid the crowds, sleep in and embrace the crowds, remember that it’s Daylight Savings and go after work, or revel in the darkness and explore the pieces by dark. Just make it happen!!!


*All photo’s taken by me – on my iphone… Apologies for the lack of quality!!!

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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >WE ARE Taking In The View | <Liked it!

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