We Are… Digging The Doodles

Penis jokes aside, I happened to stumble across an artist by the name of David Jablow the other week. His current project, do it yourself Doodler combines several of my favourite things; a suggestive pin-up girl, vintage aesthetics, and detailed creativity!

A few years back, Jablow was given a vintage “do it yourself doodle” pad with a suggestive outline of a seemingly nude woman on her hands and knees with mouth, chest and bum left blank for the doodler to fill in their own masterpiece. Jablow drew what anyone would draw: a giant radioactive archaeopteryx brandishing its terror-stricken human prey over the shrieking maws of its triple-headed baby. Several masterpieces later, Jablow’s detailed doodles have featured mermaids, ninjas, angels and devils, mud fights, bar brawls, giant robots and football scrums among many others.

His doodles have made Jablow into one of those “internet sensations”. Get in on the hype and be one of the cool kids by buying his book. Or check out his tumblr and witness his new project unfold suggestive doodle by suggestive doodle!



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