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WE ARE… Burning Water

This work has been floating around on the internet for a few years now however – astoundingly – I only just stumbled onto it on deviantART.


Nevertheless, these images are a combination of ridiculously beautiful, refreshing and intriguing so I’m posting for my own selfish delight.












Find the original post here.




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WE ARE… Loving Kicks Again

It was a close one – but the repeated thrashing of Foster The People’s track Pumped Up Kicks, pretty much had me wanting to throw the radio out of the car window every time it came on.


Then along came one Mr Wize. One of those ridiculously young and talented types he is an amazing videographer – yet manages to squeeze in modelling, guest appearances in music videos for awesome NY rappers (Mykki Blanco’s Haze.Boogie.Life), and OH YEAH – rapping and re-editing Pumped Up Kicks so it is EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE.


Yes, those caps were necessary.


Watch. Listen. Thank the dear baby cheesus that Mr Wize gave this to us.




You’re Welcome.



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WE ARE… Geeking Out!!!!

My inner nerd is so happy today. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why. I stumbled upon this magnificent piece of furniture!!!


Thats right – it’s a coffee table – modeled after a floppy disk. BEST. EVER.

If you’re old-school like me (ie, old enough to know what a floppy disk is/was) the Floppy Disk Table, designed and created by dream team Neulant van Exel, will satisfy you in all your inner (or not-so-inner!) uber nerd ways. Was it not the most satisfying thing to pull the metal slip back and let it fling shut again and again? Well now you can pull back the metal slip on the Floppy Disk Table to store all your needs; coasters, remotes, spare chips…


Purchase here if your inner geek demands it! And Bonus! They have a Christmas special on right now!!!




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