WE ARE.. In Love

In love with Ryan Storer and his vintage inspired jewellery – but in particular his ear cuffs. Combining gorgeous vintage aesthetics with swarovski crystals, pearls, rose gold and silver finishes, he pays particular attention to dramatic ear pieces. These little artworks are often bold, yet they still hold the glamour and refinement of classic jewellery that works with your individual style, all while ensuring they become heirloom pieces for your progeny.


If you have been living under a fashionista rock then perhaps you would not have seen the genius that is Ryan Storer’s designs. I on the other hand have been lurking on his Facebook, Instagram and website for what feels like for ever, just waiting for the day that he is no longer sold out of the amazing cuffs that I want (NEED!).



Having already been featured on the likes of Vogue and You Are Not Ilona, and with international retailers already knocking down his proverbial door with orders, Storer will no doubt be taking over the world any day now. Until then, I will be lurking at the ready with credit card in hand!


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One thought on “WE ARE.. In Love

  1. shellakers says:

    Oooooooo! I’m in love too!

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