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We Are… Feeling Lucky

Say whaaaaaaaaat. It’s 2014 y’all! Happy New Year and all those things.

As per most of our friends and fams, we here at WALD (for the newbies, that’s my “I can’t be arsed to type We Are Life Dishevelled” talk, oh and welcome!) are still walking around aimlessly, trying to find our lost possession from various chrimbo slash new years celebrations gone wild. I’m sure my phone is safely under a couch somewhere, along with part of my memory. But hey, this is why we call it the SILLY SEASON. Preach.

So in an attempt to get this blahhg back up and running, I thought it best we throw something up on this fizzle stick… Get ready, this chune is a flipping doozy…

Stumbling onto Melbourne’s talented Fortunes legit made my January. Yep. I went there. Big call? Maybe. Is it too early in the 31 days that is the month of January to say such things? Perhaps. But hey, I’m sticking to it. Why? Because they god damn deserve it.

I am experiencing so many feelz that my eyelashes don’t even know how to react. The restricted intro, the vocals, the beat, the build, the robotic yet heartfelt textures projected in the track’s 3 minutes and 56 seconds is just beyond what my little brain can handle.

And then, I saw the video…


Oh my lunch.

***Not that I’m encouraging it, but holy heck this would be a trip under the influence, nomsayin’.

Please, enjoy.

– Ness

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