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20 something born and raised Sydneysider. Serious hot mess. My personal life is a failed report card and general bad choices abound. Life really. I dig that culture shit, keeps me sane and happy and all things delightful. I’m a creative type who creates like a muse – I can come up with a million and one ideas, but not for myself. Good Food (overindulgence is my middle name – not really, its Joan, but it’d be cool if it was), Fine Arts, Amazing Music, Live Performance, Fashion, Travel, Interiors. Not only do I love culture, I NEED to share it with people. I can’t go to a concert/eat a great meal/view an exhibition without experiencing it with someone. This blog is like an extension of my need to share and experience the good stuff with my friends. After all, the Internet is like your ONE TRUE friend right. Right?




Instagram – wearelifedish

I’d like to consider myself a creative. Though I think the real creativity comes in my ability to pick up every hobby known to man. Ever met a Flamenco dancing, Kung Fu fighting 8-year-old Singer interested in the Glockenspiel? Yep. Fact. Born in Sydney to Uruguayan parents (*Insert U-R-Gayan joke here*), I’ve been raised to appreciate three things: Family, Food, and Music – and not necessarily in that order. These days you’ll find me at the front of the mosh, with a grin from ear-to-ear. Whether that’s in Sydney, New York or Berlin depends on my bank balance. But if there’s one thing this former Breakdancing Cowbell enthusiast can guarantee – be it brand spanking, sparkly or an inescapable beat – I will give it my undying attention.

We are life disheveled – regular humans with not so glossy lives. We don’t have epic careers, hot boyfriends, or money to burn. We just have passion for the creative life, and a passion to share our “discoveries” with the world.

We are the sweat-covered front row. We are nomming the shit out of your soon-to-be favourite recipe. We are the membership-paying gym avoiders.

We Are… Pushers of Culture – let us be your carrier pigeons.

We Are…


One thought on “About

  1. Penelope, Mama Bear! says:

    Thank you We Are … for your willingness to test out and share life’s many creativities with us other mere mortals. Carryon pushing!

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