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WE ARE.. In Love

In love with Ryan Storer and his vintage inspired jewellery – but in particular his ear cuffs. Combining gorgeous vintage aesthetics with swarovski crystals, pearls, rose gold and silver finishes, he pays particular attention to dramatic ear pieces. These little artworks are often bold, yet they still hold the glamour and refinement of classic jewellery that works with your individual style, all while ensuring they become heirloom pieces for your progeny.


If you have been living under a fashionista rock then perhaps you would not have seen the genius that is Ryan Storer’s designs. I on the other hand have been lurking on his Facebook, Instagram and website for what feels like for ever, just waiting for the day that he is no longer sold out of the amazing cuffs that I want (NEED!).



Having already been featured on the likes of Vogue and You Are Not Ilona, and with international retailers already knocking down his proverbial door with orders, Storer will no doubt be taking over the world any day now. Until then, I will be lurking at the ready with credit card in hand!


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We Are… Needing a little retail therapy

I have this folder in my bookmarks called “Shit I want NOW”. It’s filled with awesome stuff that I seriously can not afford – mostly because I barely earn enough money to purchase my daily coffee, but also because I have varied and extensive desires for things that are classed as “champagne” to my “not-even-goon” budget.

Wistfully going through the pages in this folder I opened up one of my favourite leather-goods-with-a-twist brands and experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of hope quickly replaced by desolation and despair. Free shipping you say? Oh yes! In my budget? Hell no!

Vlieger & Vandam create seriously covetable leather goods, with the darker twist that I prefer in my fashion. Gorgeously structured totes, clutches, wallets and more in classic and functional designs with a serious twist; if you enjoy a little shock factor in your life then go directly to the website and enjoy free international shipping to celebrate the new website – just don’t expect a quick passage through airport security!

(Oh, and we definitely accept gifts here at We Are!)


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WE ARE… In Awe

A week or so back during my usual internetz moseying, I stumbled onto the most stunning fashion editorial I had ever seen.

The drama, the feathers, the black and white colour palette, the bone structure – those cheekbones!

I was awestruck. Cue frantic searching to source the images – the model was the one and only RAJA. The magazine responsible – Prysm Magazine.

A perfect collaboration of beauty, strength, fierceness,darkness and decadence. Enjoy.


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We Are… Saying Kudos To The Real Hipster

Hipsters beware: This post may lead to self-destruction.

I don’t throw this term around often but I can’t think of better way of putting it: Brad Getty is a flippin’ ROCK STAR. Fact.

Being the perfect daughters we are, my sister and I made it our mission to find dad a winner of a Father’s Day present this year and by gosh Nelly, did we ever!

Frisco-based Getty has been preaching his literal gems on his blog Dads Are The Original Hipster for a couple of years now and has now released a mixed-bag of his best in his book of the same title. Y’all can score it here.

This Yoda wordsmith amusingly points out the harsh yet resounding fact that our fathers are indeed the inventors of this current “Hipster” trend, long before Urban Dictionary even made the term official.

All your standard clichés are mentioned: the mid-summer beanie, the thick-framed spec wearers with 20/20 vision, the Tom-Selleck-would-be-so-proud Mo’, along with boat shoes, suspenders, and generally looking homeless.

Here are some of my personal faves…


“Often mistaken for a Sasquatch while in the woods… You know how your dad met your mum? His beard lured her in.”


Skinny Jeans

“Doctors could check his pulse by watching the rhythmic beat of cotton across his femoral artery.”

Ugly Sweaters 

“Your dad’s awesomeness poured into that sweater first and you’re tainting the fibres that once touched greatness.”

Deep V tees

“He used his chest hair as a Venus flytrap and was the only man who could ever tell a lady ‘my eyes are up here.'”

Unkempt Hair

“Your dad’s hair made him look so gnar that people assumed he’d killed a man and gotten away with it.”

Well gang, how’s you like them apples ay?? As much as we all like to think we’re originally sporting that 80’s leather or raging on Woodstock style, the truth is that we are only following in someone else’s quality vintage footsteps.

Your dad is the party. He is the pied piper of panty dropping, and is the reason security deposits exist.

Show some respect.