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WE ARE… Hungering

I’ve been fiercely craving for a while now. Craving the taste, the sensation and the thrill of a kiss. Any kiss really. Little light fairy kisses scattered over my face, brutal passionate kisses that leave bruised lips, long sensuous kisses that leave you gasping for air. I’ve been single for a while and I choose my physical encounters with others sparingly – however sometimes that desire to meet someone else face to face and share passion/desire/wanting is sometimes so overwhelming I need to pause in whatever I am doing in that moment to get my self back in control. And until yesterday I had no idea that this rush of feelings and desire, this craving actually had a name; Basorexia.


Basorexia is defined in the Lecher’s Lexicon (1967) as ‘ a strong craving or hunger for kissing ‘. You won’t find this term in an official dictionary and even as slang it is not that widely used. However thanks to the world of Tumblr, I stumbled upon French video artist Anne Sorrentino, who has based a series of works upon the state of Basorexia. Her first, Basorexia I, is the most moving for me. She asked nine of her friends and colleagues to share with her a kiss – to revel in the moment of the kiss itself and not attach meaning or to confuse feelings for the actual person when performing the kiss. For Anne, “A kiss to me is the most beautiful interaction of two beings.” Simply watching the video, set to Massive Attacks Paradise Circus, you can feel the passion, tenderness and fun; and even though Anne asked them only to share a kiss with her, you can see the difference between the ones who gave in to the desire that a kiss can yield, and the ones who held their barriers up for fear of losing control.





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We Are… Moved

Flying Lotus – otherwise known as FlyLo, needs to be in your ear-holes right this second if you have not as yet had him there previously.

An experimental music producer – mainly within the electronic genre/sub-genres – he combines smooth beats, driving bass, velvety vocals and a melange of instrumentals to create magic in auditory form.

In anticipation of the October 2012 release of his upcoming album, Flying Lotus collaborated with director Kahlil Joseph who created a short film, “Until The Quiet Comes” inspired by a selection of tracks from FlyLo’s album of the same name.

Featuring beautiful cinematography, the velvety vocals of Erykah Badu and Niki Randa, stunning dancing by Storyboard P, FlyLo himself as a ghetto collector of souls and themes of lost childhood innocence, death, beauty in the face of violence and the afterlife – or at least the passage from this life to what lies ahead.


Watch. Listen. Be Moved.



We Are… Eagerly Awaiting The Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom that is. Wes Anderson’s latest is getting the most amazing reviews internationally, but it’s not released here in Australia until the 30th. That’s nearly two weeks away!!!

As such, I will be repeatedly playing the trailer until I can go sate my Wes Anderson twee/quirky/nostalgic cravings.

Making things worse is the “making of” featurette I found; this seriously has to be the most epic ensemble cast – Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman, Harvey Keitel, newcomers Kara Hayward and Jared Giman (who are said to be both brilliant!), and of course the inimitable Bill Murray. Urgh, someone get me a time machine ASAP!!!!!