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WE ARE… Blooming

I never used to consider myself “girly”. I eschewed all things pink and floral and feminine, prefering sleek, stark lines and black. Flowers, and especially pink, only snuck into my life if it was gifted by friends or family.


Recently however, I have found myself more and more attracted to these so-called “feminine” colours and objects. I’m on the verge of purchasing a dusty pink french linen quilt cover. I was given a string of pink pearls and I LIKED THEM. Art I would have normally turned my nose up at now excites me. I want it on my walls, in my life, in my posession.

Especially the art of Carmelo Blandino. He paints flowers. ALL of the flowers. His paintings are not staid, boring still-lifes, but images filled with colour and movement and vibrancy. They speak to me with their layers of colour and movement in the strokes. Blandino once painted beautifully detailed paintings of flowers with oils and using his right hand. In a bid to erase the past and to re-develop himself as an artist, he decided to use acrylics, a palette knife and his left hand. The new style creates a messier, yet more emotional artwork. As Blandino states on his website,

“I release the weight of the past to step into the lightness of the present.”









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We Are… Stalking Ghosts


We all love the Google machine… right?

It gives us all the answers we could ever need. Who, what, when, where, and why are all quickly explained simply by typing a few words into the search field.

Then there’s Google Maps. Combined with the strength of Google Street View, we are left with an absolute godsend. It’s my go-to when I’m trying out a new bar or restaurant and I want to see what the location physically looks like… You know, so I’m not wandering the streets like an idiot whilst my well-oriented friends are comfortably seated, sipping on some over-priced martinis (of which I unfortunately can never refuse), waiting for little ol’, punctual, me.

But have you ever noticed the faces that are sometimes captured forever in a moment of Google Street View? Multi-faceted Artist Paolo Cirio has and he’s making sure we know about it, one paste-up at a time.

As our real and digital worlds continue to merge, Cirio has begun to question how the everyday pedestrian is pulled from their private lives to play a part in the establishment of commercial giants, such as the trusted Google machine. The question is, where do we draw the line on our privacy.

It could be a woman waiting to cross the road, a contractor at work, or perhaps it was you walking down Oxford St yapping away on your phone. Regardless of your momentary doings, Cirio saw an opportunity to bring these virtual ghosts into our reality.

Street Ghosts is a project that began in 2012 as a rebellious stance. Cirio traces the Street View globe finding interesting characters that have been trapped in interesting situations. He then prints out life-sized paste-ups and displays them in their real life location, creating an immediate statement of the individual’s digital presence: a presence the subject is definitely not aware of.




His work can be seen in many cities, including New York, Berlin, London, Montreal, Bilbao, and even my hometown of Sydney:




Ironically, as Cirio continues to spread his street art mark, you can follow his self-titled “interventions” on his own Google Map. Go figure.


Keep an eye out gang, you may be the face of his latest digitally freed spirit…

Big Brother Is Watching.

(Gawd, I just said that.)

– Ness

Photos via Derek Mead and Paolo Cirio.

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WE ARE… Jealous

Jealous of this photographer’s talent, skills and beautiful work.

So jealous it makes me sick. But not so sick that I can’t stop staring at these beautiful pieces and share them with you.







What makes me even more insanely jealous is that the model in most of his shots is the photographer himself, one Kyle Thompson. Visit his tumblr IMMEDIATELY for more gorgeous shots; mostly self portraits, but also portraits of his friends, and a lot of beautifully styled vignettes, landscapes, and action shots. If this artist isn’t picked up by EVERY fashion editor on the planet for editorials, then I’ll eat my left butt cheek! (I won’t, it’s much too big and i’m not really into self-cannibalism.)




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WE ARE… Burning Water

This work has been floating around on the internet for a few years now however – astoundingly – I only just stumbled onto it on deviantART.


Nevertheless, these images are a combination of ridiculously beautiful, refreshing and intriguing so I’m posting for my own selfish delight.












Find the original post here.




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We Are… Bursting In Colour!

What do you get when you have 10,000 fun runners, triple that in colour bombs, and 5km to run free?? The Happiest 5km on the planet, that’s what!

After kicking off the fun early 2012 in the US, The Swisse Color Run quickly caught on to the fact that Australians are first in line to proudly wear a race number and run (read: stumble, frolic, krump, and/or Gangnam style it) for a good cause. The fact we get to throw colour bombs at each other and finally take part in our own skittles commercial is just a bonus.

Melbourne will initiate the fun bags this November 25th and Feb 10th 2013 will see Sydney behind a rainbow filter. Dates for Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Perth are yet to be announced. Swisse’s Celebrate Life Foundation hope to donate over $1 million over the next year through The Swisse Color Run, with funds raised in Sydney solely focused on Heart Kids Australia – supporting the families of children with Heart Disease.

Once making it to the finish line, the Finish Festival will keep you entertained with live music and mass final throw of colour! Oh and don’t worry, there will be a “clean up” area set up so your trip home is slightly less powdered.

Registration ($55 single, $50 as part of a team of 4+, Kids u/5 Free) includes the following goodies:

  • White Tee
  • White Sweatband (Yes!)
  • Race Bib #
  • 1x Colour Packet
  • 1x Color Run Temporary Tattoo

You can follow these colourful compadres on their site, Facey, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram (@theswissecolorrunaus)… But for the mo’, feast your eyes on this.

Now, to find the perfect goggles…


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We Are… Getting Fishy

Late at night I lie in bed and think up all these amazing ideas that I would love to do/see/make – but I’m either too lazy, don’t have the skills to create what I think up, or I’m just happy to leave them as fantasy in the crazy jumble that is my brain. For instance, I love the idea as fish as pets but I don’t like the standard tanks or bowls that most people keep them in. I’ve seen images of people who have retro-fitted vintage televisions, but i like to think big. How about a car as a tank? What about a BUS – you could even get a shark in there! Occasionally though, some other crazy jumbled brain has had the same thought as I did, but unlike me, has the skills and motivation to make that awesome idea come to fruition!

Cue the crazy kids from Kingyobu, a five-member art collective from the Kyoto University of Art & Design. They weren’t quite on my bus/shark wavelength, but they do think big. Telephone booth big. They installed goldfish-tank phone booths on the streets of Osaka with the aim of “Conveying respect for cultural sensibilities in the modern world through traditional research and work on the production and presentation of goldfish.” The goldfishes are a symbol of happiness, luck and prosperity.

If this is just a first taste of what these crazy kids are capable of, then I say it’s a pretty darn good indication of some fun and interesting art in the future. Certainly one to keep an eye out on!


– via ShockBlast

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We Are… Moved

Flying Lotus – otherwise known as FlyLo, needs to be in your ear-holes right this second if you have not as yet had him there previously.

An experimental music producer – mainly within the electronic genre/sub-genres – he combines smooth beats, driving bass, velvety vocals and a melange of instrumentals to create magic in auditory form.

In anticipation of the October 2012 release of his upcoming album, Flying Lotus collaborated with director Kahlil Joseph who created a short film, “Until The Quiet Comes” inspired by a selection of tracks from FlyLo’s album of the same name.

Featuring beautiful cinematography, the velvety vocals of Erykah Badu and Niki Randa, stunning dancing by Storyboard P, FlyLo himself as a ghetto collector of souls and themes of lost childhood innocence, death, beauty in the face of violence and the afterlife – or at least the passage from this life to what lies ahead.


Watch. Listen. Be Moved.



WE ARE… In Awe

A week or so back during my usual internetz moseying, I stumbled onto the most stunning fashion editorial I had ever seen.

The drama, the feathers, the black and white colour palette, the bone structure – those cheekbones!

I was awestruck. Cue frantic searching to source the images – the model was the one and only RAJA. The magazine responsible – Prysm Magazine.

A perfect collaboration of beauty, strength, fierceness,darkness and decadence. Enjoy.


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We Are… Totally Being Serious

The number of times I have sat with friends and discussed the necessity for a Sarcasm font is just obscene. Seriously.

With all this witty banter being thrown from one social platform to another, it’s impossible to decipher whether someone’s crackin’ a joke or genuinely hating on your latest career choice – Yes, you should definitely become a Carnie. Um…?!

So you can just imagine my excitement when Jess (my badass-blogger-bud) greeted me with such fabulous news that I had to share it: Sartalics.


Finally the time has come for there to be actual context in our texts. No more unnecessary break ups – he really didn’t want that pet cat. No more wrongly purchased Celine Dion tickets – like that needs an explanation. No more badly encouraged haircuts – a balayaged front mullet looks good on no one.

The Internet says NO.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you understand what she really means when your girlfriend says “Oh yeah, let’s totally get KFC to cater my 30th birthday!”

Don’t eff up. Get involved.


We Are… Saying Kudos To The Real Hipster

Hipsters beware: This post may lead to self-destruction.

I don’t throw this term around often but I can’t think of better way of putting it: Brad Getty is a flippin’ ROCK STAR. Fact.

Being the perfect daughters we are, my sister and I made it our mission to find dad a winner of a Father’s Day present this year and by gosh Nelly, did we ever!

Frisco-based Getty has been preaching his literal gems on his blog Dads Are The Original Hipster for a couple of years now and has now released a mixed-bag of his best in his book of the same title. Y’all can score it here.

This Yoda wordsmith amusingly points out the harsh yet resounding fact that our fathers are indeed the inventors of this current “Hipster” trend, long before Urban Dictionary even made the term official.

All your standard clichés are mentioned: the mid-summer beanie, the thick-framed spec wearers with 20/20 vision, the Tom-Selleck-would-be-so-proud Mo’, along with boat shoes, suspenders, and generally looking homeless.

Here are some of my personal faves…


“Often mistaken for a Sasquatch while in the woods… You know how your dad met your mum? His beard lured her in.”


Skinny Jeans

“Doctors could check his pulse by watching the rhythmic beat of cotton across his femoral artery.”

Ugly Sweaters 

“Your dad’s awesomeness poured into that sweater first and you’re tainting the fibres that once touched greatness.”

Deep V tees

“He used his chest hair as a Venus flytrap and was the only man who could ever tell a lady ‘my eyes are up here.'”

Unkempt Hair

“Your dad’s hair made him look so gnar that people assumed he’d killed a man and gotten away with it.”

Well gang, how’s you like them apples ay?? As much as we all like to think we’re originally sporting that 80’s leather or raging on Woodstock style, the truth is that we are only following in someone else’s quality vintage footsteps.

Your dad is the party. He is the pied piper of panty dropping, and is the reason security deposits exist.

Show some respect.