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WE ARE… Geeking Out!!!!

My inner nerd is so happy today. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why. I stumbled upon this magnificent piece of furniture!!!


Thats right – it’s a coffee table – modeled after a floppy disk. BEST. EVER.

If you’re old-school like me (ie, old enough to know what a floppy disk is/was) the Floppy Disk Table, designed and created by dream team Neulant van Exel, will satisfy you in all your inner (or not-so-inner!) uber nerd ways. Was it not the most satisfying thing to pull the metal slip back and let it fling shut again and again? Well now you can pull back the metal slip on the Floppy Disk Table to store all your needs; coasters, remotes, spare chips…


Purchase here if your inner geek demands it! And Bonus! They have a Christmas special on right now!!!




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We Are… Inspired By All Things Disney

So you love all things Disney. You have a Mickey/Minnie Mouse jumper, posters of all your fav characters on the walls, stuffed Disney toys, perhaps even a Belle costume or a pair of fluffy Tigger slippers (don’t look at me like that, they are Uber comfy!)

Mickey Jumper

Why stop there?!

Enter the world of Disney inspired furniture, art and interiors. I’ve kept it to a bright and cheery primary colour palete today, but check out the Pumpkin Carriage below – every little girl’s fluffy pink dream much??

Ever wanted to fulfill the fantasy that you live in the Beast’s castle and the furniture could talk to you at any moment? These guys can help you out.

How about an entertainment unit in the iconic shape of Mickey’s head? Italian design company Pacini E Cappellini can make that happen.

More of a modern design fan? Then here’s an armchair inspired by TRON: Legacy. I’m sure it’s more comfortable than it looks!

Speaking of TRON, combine the current trend for neon with some of your favourite Disney chartacters and get that eye-candy on the wall!

Just want Mickey everywhere and anywhere? How about in your lightbulbs? Or your drawers??