María Luján is a graphic designer/street artist/crafter/paper artist based in Berlin, Germany.

“Bit of a mouthful introducing yourself with that broad of an artistic scope” is what you’re thinking right? “Try and fit that on a business card!” I hear you scoff. “Pick one!” I’m hearing you yell.

Well, you’ll be eating your derision when you see the amazing work she created with fellow artist Maie Escorial for the “My home my castle“ exhibition. Think pop art, cartoon influenced paper art.

Be impressed.


Oh! And I would highly recommend checking out her website for other paper projects like The Knife, examples of her gorgeously coloured digital illustrations, and her portfolio of graphic design projects.

You’re welcome.


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WE ARE… Needing You Now

This is one of the most simple video clips I have ever seen.

This is one of the most 80’s/Prince inspired tracks I have ever heard.

Power disco ballad/80’s electro/RnB/Pop – Autre Ne Veut’s Arthur Ashin, mashes up genres to create his own style within each track. This diversity and his lyrics with unclear or ambiguous meanings mean the listener can choose their own adventure.

Choose yours now.

Listen to Autre Ne Veut now.


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WE ARE… Disco Happy

Sometime last year I was wandering in the wilds of the internet searching for mirrors – specifically vintage mirrors, and disco balls (I have a somewhat eclectic taste in interiors) when I stumbled upon this amazing mirrored sculpture.


It was a polygonal mirrored wolf by London artist Arran Gregory, aptly titled Wolf. I wanted it. It was genius. It was probably a bajillion dollars. So I put it in the folder titled Stuff I will never own, and tried to forget about it, and his other polygonal work including rhino heads, deers and bears (Oh My!)

Until I decided to actually watch the video clip for AlunaGeorge’s Your Drums, Your Love where it turns out they feature all of his work! Now the passion is reignited, my art lust is raging, and to sate my appetite I am saving up for at least one of his art prints. Until then, I’ll just be playing Your Drums, Your Love on repeat.


Photo Source

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WE ARE… Wrapped Up In The Purity


Bouncing off sunday night’s Grammys phenomenon, Montreal-based duo Purity Ring have delivered what can only be described as one HOT DAYAM track.

Not many electronica outfits can turn a pretty mainstream gangsta rap into pure genius, but god dang it, this has just made my morning.

Oh and in answering your question, Megan and Corin (ha, as IF we would be on first name basis, let me roll on with my dream), we want you to continue whispering your sweet sweet nothings into our ears because trust me, your musak is everything to us at We Are…!

Purity Ring are currently touring around the traps, you can find all the info here.

Prepare yo self.


Photo Source – Thank you Megan James.

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WE ARE… Haunted

I feel most people have experienced a situation, where you hear something so mesmerising that you get so caught up in listening that you forget to actually hear what it is?? Confusing no?

So for the last six or so months, I was hearing this tantalisingly haunted melody played on a guitar with beautifully aching vocals on my favourite radio station on a few of their late-night programs (Hey FBI!). I was always so caught up in the emotion and the feels that the music evoked in me that I would, without fail, forget to actually listen out for the presenter to announce the artist. Then about two months ago I was doing my usual late-night internet prowling and live-streaming the radio and lo and behold! They played the track – I attempted to Shazam – no luck. I went to the program listing and clicked on the show’s playlist. Not updated yet. I waited for an update on the track listings. Nothing. The next day after work, I checked again. Hello updated playlist! Cue the Google-machine.


And so, may I present to you the new love of my life – Joe McKee. Formerly of the band Snowman, who called it quits after the release of their 2011 album Absence, McKee himself quit writing. Thankfully that only lasted a year because Burning Boy is my current musical crack. Compared to Snowman who created epic tracks that blew you off your chair thanks to the onslaught of sound and the pure musical genius, McKee’s solo work is more pared back, yet still so layered and textured with hints of Snowman’s more atmospheric sounds mixed in.

Do yourself, and your feels, a serious favour and follow the link to his Soundcloud – fall in love, then purchase the whole album. Until then, watch this amazing clip of McKee performing Lunar Sea live.



Photo Source – 1

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WE ARE.. In Love

In love with Ryan Storer and his vintage inspired jewellery – but in particular his ear cuffs. Combining gorgeous vintage aesthetics with swarovski crystals, pearls, rose gold and silver finishes, he pays particular attention to dramatic ear pieces. These little artworks are often bold, yet they still hold the glamour and refinement of classic jewellery that works with your individual style, all while ensuring they become heirloom pieces for your progeny.


If you have been living under a fashionista rock then perhaps you would not have seen the genius that is Ryan Storer’s designs. I on the other hand have been lurking on his Facebook, Instagram and website for what feels like for ever, just waiting for the day that he is no longer sold out of the amazing cuffs that I want (NEED!).



Having already been featured on the likes of Vogue and You Are Not Ilona, and with international retailers already knocking down his proverbial door with orders, Storer will no doubt be taking over the world any day now. Until then, I will be lurking at the ready with credit card in hand!


Photo Source 1. 2. 3. 4


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WE ARE… Jealous

Jealous of this photographer’s talent, skills and beautiful work.

So jealous it makes me sick. But not so sick that I can’t stop staring at these beautiful pieces and share them with you.







What makes me even more insanely jealous is that the model in most of his shots is the photographer himself, one Kyle Thompson. Visit his tumblr IMMEDIATELY for more gorgeous shots; mostly self portraits, but also portraits of his friends, and a lot of beautifully styled vignettes, landscapes, and action shots. If this artist isn’t picked up by EVERY fashion editor on the planet for editorials, then I’ll eat my left butt cheek! (I won’t, it’s much too big and i’m not really into self-cannibalism.)




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WE ARE… Believing In This One Beautiful Life

You know when you go to a gig and you leave slightly disappointed because it didn’t sound quite right – whether it was because the vocals weren’t as strong live, or the band wasn’t as tight on stage, or the personality of the musicians/artists resembled wet socks?

Well if you ever get the chance to see First Aid Kit perform live, NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN.




The Life Dishevelled kids went to the Sydney performance First Aid Kit threw down at the Sydney Opera House, and oh-holy-hippies, it was a joy to behold. Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara make some of the most delicious folk/country music you have ever heard. Best of all is that live, they sound even better than the recorded version.


The joy that the sisters have in creating music together is apparent. While Klara has the better voice, its the contrast with Johanna’s more husky-toned vocals and harmonies that they create which adds the magic. With stated influences of Joanna Newsom, Gram Parsons, Elliott Smith and Gary Numan, it’s been said that First Aid Kit are the long awaited female equivalent of Simon and Garfunkel.

As performers, they really bring out the love in the audience because you can see their personalities. Johanna thinks she’s in a rock band and literally head bangs behind her keyboard in between verses while Klara is slightly more restrained with her rocking out with her guitar – looking like a toddler trying to mosh as Ness accurately pointed out. Head-banging and rocking out to folk music – either way, this was one of the best gigs I have been to in a very long while.


Check out the video below for my favourite First Aid Kit song, Lion’s Roar, then go and buy their album/stalk their facebook page/purchase all the merch and then beg/pray/bribe them to come and perform in your home town!





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WE ARE… Burning Water

This work has been floating around on the internet for a few years now however – astoundingly – I only just stumbled onto it on deviantART.


Nevertheless, these images are a combination of ridiculously beautiful, refreshing and intriguing so I’m posting for my own selfish delight.












Find the original post here.




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WE ARE… Loving Kicks Again

It was a close one – but the repeated thrashing of Foster The People’s track Pumped Up Kicks, pretty much had me wanting to throw the radio out of the car window every time it came on.


Then along came one Mr Wize. One of those ridiculously young and talented types he is an amazing videographer – yet manages to squeeze in modelling, guest appearances in music videos for awesome NY rappers (Mykki Blanco’s Haze.Boogie.Life), and OH YEAH – rapping and re-editing Pumped Up Kicks so it is EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE.


Yes, those caps were necessary.


Watch. Listen. Thank the dear baby cheesus that Mr Wize gave this to us.




You’re Welcome.



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