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WE ARE… Blooming

I never used to consider myself “girly”. I eschewed all things pink and floral and feminine, prefering sleek, stark lines and black. Flowers, and especially pink, only snuck into my life if it was gifted by friends or family.


Recently however, I have found myself more and more attracted to these so-called “feminine” colours and objects. I’m on the verge of purchasing a dusty pink french linen quilt cover. I was given a string of pink pearls and I LIKED THEM. Art I would have normally turned my nose up at now excites me. I want it on my walls, in my life, in my posession.

Especially the art of Carmelo Blandino. He paints flowers. ALL of the flowers. His paintings are not staid, boring still-lifes, but images filled with colour and movement and vibrancy. They speak to me with their layers of colour and movement in the strokes. Blandino once painted beautifully detailed paintings of flowers with oils and using his right hand. In a bid to erase the past and to re-develop himself as an artist, he decided to use acrylics, a palette knife and his left hand. The new style creates a messier, yet more emotional artwork. As Blandino states on his website,

“I release the weight of the past to step into the lightness of the present.”









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We Are… Enthralled By Layers


In preparation for this weekend’s OutsideIn Festival, I have set myself up with a pretty remarkable mix bag of mind-altering beats to tickle up my Friday. A few faves worth mentioning are Toronto’s BadBadNotGood, local cats Cosmo’s Midnight, and one of my most recent musical crushes, Oisima.

Whilst I consider music the schweet schweet nectar of the gods, we definitely appreciate the quality of a good visual here at WeAreLifeDish and I just had to share this one with you. With Oisima’s Everything About Her flowing from my speakers, I found myself drawn to the track’s artwork. One click led to another and I now welcome collage artist Jesse Treece into my life.

Good from you, internet. Good from you.

I definitely do not remember the collages of my youth looking anywhere near as eye-catchingly beautiful as Mr Treece’s over here. By using just a pair of scissors, some glue and a vast collection of vintage publications – and a sprinkle of creative genius, clearly – we are left with artworks that possess a depth and intensity that warrants a good questioning. Let’s face it, they are the best kind!

I keep trying to figure out where each layer begins and ends, what the original publication was, attempting to piece together the new amalgamated story. Its vintage style is perfectly balanced with a psychedelic flair, allowing for a moment of no boundaries. It’s almost like Jesse is letting us in on his mind trips – Awesome.

All pieces seen here and oh-so-much more are available through Jesse’s Society 6 page.

You know you wanna get in on this.













– Ness

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WE ARE… Inspired

Men. Muscles. Endurance. Flexibility. Grace. Power.

I give you, the Men of The Australian Ballet.

You’re welcome.


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WE ARE… Hungering

I’ve been fiercely craving for a while now. Craving the taste, the sensation and the thrill of a kiss. Any kiss really. Little light fairy kisses scattered over my face, brutal passionate kisses that leave bruised lips, long sensuous kisses that leave you gasping for air. I’ve been single for a while and I choose my physical encounters with others sparingly – however sometimes that desire to meet someone else face to face and share passion/desire/wanting is sometimes so overwhelming I need to pause in whatever I am doing in that moment to get my self back in control. And until yesterday I had no idea that this rush of feelings and desire, this craving actually had a name; Basorexia.


Basorexia is defined in the Lecher’s Lexicon (1967) as ‘ a strong craving or hunger for kissing ‘. You won’t find this term in an official dictionary and even as slang it is not that widely used. However thanks to the world of Tumblr, I stumbled upon French video artist Anne Sorrentino, who has based a series of works upon the state of Basorexia. Her first, Basorexia I, is the most moving for me. She asked nine of her friends and colleagues to share with her a kiss – to revel in the moment of the kiss itself and not attach meaning or to confuse feelings for the actual person when performing the kiss. For Anne, “A kiss to me is the most beautiful interaction of two beings.” Simply watching the video, set to Massive Attacks Paradise Circus, you can feel the passion, tenderness and fun; and even though Anne asked them only to share a kiss with her, you can see the difference between the ones who gave in to the desire that a kiss can yield, and the ones who held their barriers up for fear of losing control.





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María Luján is a graphic designer/street artist/crafter/paper artist based in Berlin, Germany.

“Bit of a mouthful introducing yourself with that broad of an artistic scope” is what you’re thinking right? “Try and fit that on a business card!” I hear you scoff. “Pick one!” I’m hearing you yell.

Well, you’ll be eating your derision when you see the amazing work she created with fellow artist Maie Escorial for the “My home my castle“ exhibition. Think pop art, cartoon influenced paper art.

Be impressed.


Oh! And I would highly recommend checking out her website for other paper projects like The Knife, examples of her gorgeously coloured digital illustrations, and her portfolio of graphic design projects.

You’re welcome.


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WE ARE… Disco Happy

Sometime last year I was wandering in the wilds of the internet searching for mirrors – specifically vintage mirrors, and disco balls (I have a somewhat eclectic taste in interiors) when I stumbled upon this amazing mirrored sculpture.


It was a polygonal mirrored wolf by London artist Arran Gregory, aptly titled Wolf. I wanted it. It was genius. It was probably a bajillion dollars. So I put it in the folder titled Stuff I will never own, and tried to forget about it, and his other polygonal work including rhino heads, deers and bears (Oh My!)

Until I decided to actually watch the video clip for AlunaGeorge’s Your Drums, Your Love where it turns out they feature all of his work! Now the passion is reignited, my art lust is raging, and to sate my appetite I am saving up for at least one of his art prints. Until then, I’ll just be playing Your Drums, Your Love on repeat.


Photo Source

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WE ARE… Jealous

Jealous of this photographer’s talent, skills and beautiful work.

So jealous it makes me sick. But not so sick that I can’t stop staring at these beautiful pieces and share them with you.







What makes me even more insanely jealous is that the model in most of his shots is the photographer himself, one Kyle Thompson. Visit his tumblr IMMEDIATELY for more gorgeous shots; mostly self portraits, but also portraits of his friends, and a lot of beautifully styled vignettes, landscapes, and action shots. If this artist isn’t picked up by EVERY fashion editor on the planet for editorials, then I’ll eat my left butt cheek! (I won’t, it’s much too big and i’m not really into self-cannibalism.)




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WE ARE… Burning Water

This work has been floating around on the internet for a few years now however – astoundingly – I only just stumbled onto it on deviantART.


Nevertheless, these images are a combination of ridiculously beautiful, refreshing and intriguing so I’m posting for my own selfish delight.












Find the original post here.




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WE ARE… Getting Wavvy

On my New York rapper bender this week, I bring you – MYKKI BLANCO aka Michael David Quattlebaum, Jr.

If you haven’t heard of one or the other, no fear. Either facet of the same person will be taking over a cultural media outlet near you anytime soon – Micheal/Mykki is one of those multi-talented artistes. An all-encompassing poet, rapper, actor, author and wildly frenetic multimedia performance artist, she came to my attention as Mykki Blanco – the pretty girl in a boys body who has epic flow, a keen fashion sense and the most adorable personality (that I can assume from the video blogs I stalk!)

She has proven herself as an artist, a published poet, and her music speaks for itself. Terry Richardson himself chose her to be a part of the campaign he shot for Happy Socks, along with model Ashley Smith and A$AP Rocky.

Not convinced? Do yourself a favour and watch the Francesco Carrozzini (stunningly!) directed video below of her track Wavvy, check out the fascinating read that is her interview with Alex Chapman for Interview magazine, or fill your ears with even more sharp flow by following here to Mykki’s soundcloud.


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We Are… Digging The Doodles

Penis jokes aside, I happened to stumble across an artist by the name of David Jablow the other week. His current project, do it yourself Doodler combines several of my favourite things; a suggestive pin-up girl, vintage aesthetics, and detailed creativity!

A few years back, Jablow was given a vintage “do it yourself doodle” pad with a suggestive outline of a seemingly nude woman on her hands and knees with mouth, chest and bum left blank for the doodler to fill in their own masterpiece. Jablow drew what anyone would draw: a giant radioactive archaeopteryx brandishing its terror-stricken human prey over the shrieking maws of its triple-headed baby. Several masterpieces later, Jablow’s detailed doodles have featured mermaids, ninjas, angels and devils, mud fights, bar brawls, giant robots and football scrums among many others.

His doodles have made Jablow into one of those “internet sensations”. Get in on the hype and be one of the cool kids by buying his book. Or check out his tumblr and witness his new project unfold suggestive doodle by suggestive doodle!



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