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WE ARE… Inspired

Men. Muscles. Endurance. Flexibility. Grace. Power.

I give you, the Men of The Australian Ballet.

You’re welcome.


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WE ARE… Hearing Visions

At Life Dishevelled HQ, the blogging might have slowed down but we sure as shit haven’t! New jobs, new homes and new crazy schedules have meant our culture carrier pigeon has been kept in her coop for longer than anticipated.


Never fear though. The Australian Summer is fast approaching and the cultural scene is heating up (see what i did there!)


I have made an executive decision that sleep is no longer a priority and sharing the awesome is. As such I have a banging tune to kickstart your weekend. Wordlife is the beardy-man duo of Kato and Adam Bozzetto, two Sydney producers who have been creating epic tunes and keeping dancefloors alive on their onesies for years. Combined they create epic tunes to the power of awesome – Exhibit A; Visions, their newest single released today on Motorik! records.


Take a gander at the clip created by Negative Films, and give your ear-balls a good going-over to get the weekend happening…


Check out Wordlife’s soundcloud for more.



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