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WE ARE… Believing In This One Beautiful Life

You know when you go to a gig and you leave slightly disappointed because it didn’t sound quite right – whether it was because the vocals weren’t as strong live, or the band wasn’t as tight on stage, or the personality of the musicians/artists resembled wet socks?

Well if you ever get the chance to see First Aid Kit perform live, NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN.




The Life Dishevelled kids went to the Sydney performance First Aid Kit threw down at the Sydney Opera House, and oh-holy-hippies, it was a joy to behold. Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara make some of the most delicious folk/country music you have ever heard. Best of all is that live, they sound even better than the recorded version.


The joy that the sisters have in creating music together is apparent. While Klara has the better voice, its the contrast with Johanna’s more husky-toned vocals and harmonies that they create which adds the magic. With stated influences of Joanna Newsom, Gram Parsons, Elliott Smith and Gary Numan, it’s been said that First Aid Kit are the long awaited female equivalent of Simon and Garfunkel.

As performers, they really bring out the love in the audience because you can see their personalities. Johanna thinks she’s in a rock band and literally head bangs behind her keyboard in between verses while Klara is slightly more restrained with her rocking out with her guitar – looking like a toddler trying to mosh as Ness accurately pointed out. Head-banging and rocking out to folk music – either way, this was one of the best gigs I have been to in a very long while.


Check out the video below for my favourite First Aid Kit song, Lion’s Roar, then go and buy their album/stalk their facebook page/purchase all the merch and then beg/pray/bribe them to come and perform in your home town!





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WE ARE… Loving Kicks Again

It was a close one – but the repeated thrashing of Foster The People’s track Pumped Up Kicks, pretty much had me wanting to throw the radio out of the car window every time it came on.


Then along came one Mr Wize. One of those ridiculously young and talented types he is an amazing videographer – yet manages to squeeze in modelling, guest appearances in music videos for awesome NY rappers (Mykki Blanco’s Haze.Boogie.Life), and OH YEAH – rapping and re-editing Pumped Up Kicks so it is EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE.


Yes, those caps were necessary.


Watch. Listen. Thank the dear baby cheesus that Mr Wize gave this to us.




You’re Welcome.



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WE ARE… Getting Wavvy

On my New York rapper bender this week, I bring you – MYKKI BLANCO aka Michael David Quattlebaum, Jr.

If you haven’t heard of one or the other, no fear. Either facet of the same person will be taking over a cultural media outlet near you anytime soon – Micheal/Mykki is one of those multi-talented artistes. An all-encompassing poet, rapper, actor, author and wildly frenetic multimedia performance artist, she came to my attention as Mykki Blanco – the pretty girl in a boys body who has epic flow, a keen fashion sense and the most adorable personality (that I can assume from the video blogs I stalk!)

She has proven herself as an artist, a published poet, and her music speaks for itself. Terry Richardson himself chose her to be a part of the campaign he shot for Happy Socks, along with model Ashley Smith and A$AP Rocky.

Not convinced? Do yourself a favour and watch the Francesco Carrozzini (stunningly!) directed video below of her track Wavvy, check out the fascinating read that is her interview with Alex Chapman for Interview magazine, or fill your ears with even more sharp flow by following here to Mykki’s soundcloud.


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WE ARE… Loving Le1f

I make no denials about my musical obsession; especially when it often extends to hours getting lost in YouTube watching video’s of my favourite artists.


While my friends could (and will if you let them!) wax lyrical about my YouTube spirals, at least here in this little corner of the interwebs I bring you only the best.


On this weeks rotation is some serious rap music. Specifically from New York. I don’t know if it’s something in the water/air/pollution but there are some astronomically talented young musicians making the music they want. Enter Le1f (real name Khalif Diouf) – if you haven’t heard his epic tune “Wut” ANYWHERE EVER BEFORE, then I suggest you get your ears checked, then step out from under that rock you’ve been living under. Not only does the track have a feet-tingling catchy beat, but Le1f barely needs the back up dancers in the clip. Check out the booty-shakin, vogue-inspired moves now, and if you like what you see check out Le1f’s soundcloud for his full Dark York mixtape.



You’re welcome.



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WE ARE… Hearing Visions

At Life Dishevelled HQ, the blogging might have slowed down but we sure as shit haven’t! New jobs, new homes and new crazy schedules have meant our culture carrier pigeon has been kept in her coop for longer than anticipated.


Never fear though. The Australian Summer is fast approaching and the cultural scene is heating up (see what i did there!)


I have made an executive decision that sleep is no longer a priority and sharing the awesome is. As such I have a banging tune to kickstart your weekend. Wordlife is the beardy-man duo of Kato and Adam Bozzetto, two Sydney producers who have been creating epic tunes and keeping dancefloors alive on their onesies for years. Combined they create epic tunes to the power of awesome – Exhibit A; Visions, their newest single released today on Motorik! records.


Take a gander at the clip created by Negative Films, and give your ear-balls a good going-over to get the weekend happening…


Check out Wordlife’s soundcloud for more.



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We Are… Spinning Round And Round


Does anyone else have this faint memory of watching their parents play records when they were a kid? And I’m not talking about rockin’ out a disc-man, walkman, or even an 8-track.

I’m talking Vinyl people. The good stuff.

It’s time to take it back to the old school and by gosh Jimi Hendrix, am I excited!

This Saturday 6th October, hosts the Glebe Record Fair in Sydney.

From 9:00am – 4:00pm, PETER FORSYTH Auditorium (opposite Glebe Markets) will convert into a record junkie’s oasis, filled with dusty movers and shakers. There will be music from all genres, EPs, LPs, with a variety of CDs, music DVD’s, books, and other collectables filling up the stalls.

Now, be prepared to get your hands dirty because you never know what absolute gems you will stumble upon in those crates. If you’re a collector, you will be there bright and early because as always – first in, best dressed.

Earlybirds (9:00am – 10:00am) will sacrifice a healthy $6 for their vinyl addiction. Entry after 10:00am will see you fork out $3… Seriously, pocket change.

Follow these musical cats on their Facebook page for further details.

May your ears enjoy the fruits of your early wake up call!




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We Are… In need of a long, stiff drink

Apologies for the absence but as usual, in Life Dishevelled style, that whole living business took over posting – BOO URNS!!!!

Never fear though, as I have an awesome track to make it all better!

Theo Parrish is a Detroit Tech/House/Deep House master – his music makes you practically taste that poolside cocktail that you know you should be imbibing for the perfect summer’s eve. He collaborated with the gorgeously scratchy vocals and talents of Ghanaian Londoner Andrew Ashong and the outcome is a beautifully dreamy track that I could easily listen to for weeks on end.


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We Are… Obsessed

Frank Ocean. If you haven’t heard about this kid, you are surely living under a rock.
I bought his album Channel Orange as soon as it was released and it’s been on repeat ever since.

Three days ago he released the full length clip to his track “Pyramids”. It is epic.If you like sweeping vistas, sexy strippers, motorcycles and guitar solos by John Mayer (I have never really been a fan until this clip.. It may be love), then this needs to be on your must-see list TODAY.

Get this in your brain now.


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We Are… f*ckin’ AWESOME!!!!

Love to thrift?

Big fan of “vintage”?

Queen of Nanna-Chic?

King of the G-Pa sweater?

Then I just found your soundtrack to life! You’re welcome.


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